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Google Apps for Businessgoogle_apps_reseller

InterActive 365 is an authorised reseller of Google Apps. We set-up, migrate and support businesses who want to implement Google’s popular cloud-based productivity suite.

Who is it for?

Small-to-medium sized organisations that want to have the simple and powerful tools of Google Apps.


Minimize maintenance and reduce IT costs. Users can connect and work together from anywhere. Compatible with phones, tablets and laptops. Documents, sheets and slides can be shared and amended in real time.


Cloud-based growing platform

All of your data is automatically backed up, highly secured and in your control. This is a smart cloud-based solution that grows with your business. Many 3rd party apps are developed for the Google Apps platform and those can help streamline everyday tasks like invoicing, budgeting, project management etc.


Google Apps for Business


or €50/user/year


“Over 5 million businesses use Google apps”

  • Business email addresses (i.e.
  • 30 GB Gmail and Drive Storage
  • Video chat, calendar, and document editing
  • Customer support
  • 99.9% uptime guaranteeGoogle-Apps-Web-Solution
  • Safe time and money on IT
  • Unlimited users, scalable
  • Business controls and Google’s security