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Email 365, who it’s for

Small businesses that want to organise their emails easily, efficiently and in one place.

Email management, a blessing or a curse?

Electronic communication can be a blessing or a curse depending on the way that you manage it. Chances are, you’re getting more emails per day now than you got in a week ten years ago. And you probably have more than one email address to manage. Sorting and filtering through all these emails can easily become overwhelming when you have important messages in different places.

“You don’t want to miss that crucial email from a key client”
“You don’t want to send kisses to a customer instead of your other-half!”

The new solution and how it works

We have created a powerful and efficient solution so you can have easy access to your emails from all your devices (iPhone, tablet or laptop). Here’s the lo-down:

A one-off set-up cost of €139

Giving you access to up to five of your email accounts (more can be added for a small additional charge). We provide this service for “customers who have signed up with one of our hosting packages” and have at least one registered domain with us. Place the order via this link.

If you do not have hosting with us yet, you can set one up here (and choose the Email 365 add-on in step 4). For as little as €2.99 p/m (E-mail only hosting) you can make use of this as well.


  • Easy to setup (leave the technical part to us)
  • A one size fits all E-mail solution
  • Available on all of your devices 365 days per year
  • Easy to manage and saves you time
  • Google email features!
  • No local outlook, no backup needed, no syncing problems
  • Great spam filter
  • Sending and receiving emails from different email addresses
  • Lots of space (15GB)Email365-Management-Business
  • Search and find (old and new) emails easily
  • Calendar function, online documents space
  • Professional email signature