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Our web services encompass everything from web hosting to registering domain names, designing websites and implementing search engine optimisation (SEO). We have a robust web hosting infrastructure and the technical expertise to make businesses more successful online.

about web services‘Out of the box’ solutions

Over the years we have implemented a variety of web solutions to suit our customers needs. These ‘out of the box’ solutions include: Email365, SEO365, Booking365 and Google APPS. Have a look at the features in the “Products” section to find out if they are suitable for your business.

Project based approach

To ensure each web project is a success, we segment the work into phases, with each phase reaching completion after the customer has given approval.
Via this structured approach, our customers remain closely involved and are guaranteed to get the desired end result.





‘The start of the project’
Working closely with you to discuss options and requirements.
‘A well-designed website’
Drafting the layout, menu structure and branding of your website.
‘Coding to make it functional’
Constructing a website which is easy to navigate and effective for you.
‘The final stage, going ‘live’
Accessible via our reliable hosting infrastructure.